Our Services

Within a new business model, our customers will have access to an exclusive box with a modern monitoring system in order to follow closely the entire detailing procedure being performed on your vehicle from your home, business or while traveling through your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Maxi Protect

Art Cleaning thoroughly knows each paint type. With the use of modern equipment, your vehicle will undergo a complete paint diagnosis measuring the temperature of the vehicle’s body and coating layer thickness, an innovative and unprecedented process in the market.   Detailed Wash

Maxi Protect - Art Cleaning - Estetica Automotiva

Eco Clean Plus

Keeping all the benefits of the ECOCLEAN package, this service adds our know-how in two parts of the vehicle that are very important, the undercarriage and the engine.   Detailed Wash (Plus) - Wheels/Tires Detailing - Interior Cleaning - Automotive Teflon Based Resin - Engine Deta

Eco Clean Plus - Art Cleaning - Estetica Automotiva

Bio Care

With modern, state of the art equipment, this package offers a complete decontamination of your vehicle’s interior providing a safe and pleasant environment for the whole family to enjoy. - Air Conditioning Cleaning - Air Conditioning Filter Replacement (Manufacturer Original Parts Only)

Bio Care - Art Cleaning - Estetica Automotiva


Art Cleaning is a high end car beauty salon designed for the auto enthusiast who demands the utmost in care, professionalism, customer service and results. We utilize the latest technology in Protective Coatings and do not rely on high customer volume and quick turnaround times to operate our business.


Track your vehicle

Moderno sistema de monitoramento exclusivo com box individuais para cada veículo, possibilitando o acompanhamento dos serviços em tempo real de qualquer local.