Within a new business model, our customers will have access to an exclusive box with a modern monitoring system in order to follow closely the entire detailing procedure being performed on your vehicle from your home, business or while traveling through your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Maxi Protect

Art Cleaning thoroughly knows each paint type.

With the use of modern equipment, your vehicle will undergo a complete paint diagnosis measuring the temperature of the vehicle’s body and coating layer thickness, an innovative and unprecedented process in the market.


Detailed Wash (Plus)

- Wheels/Tires Detailing

- Interior Cleaning

- Automotive Teflon Based Resin

- Engine Detailing

- Undercarriage Wash


Advanced Polishing and Waxing

- Coating Layer Thickness Analysis

- Vehicle Temperature Measurement with an Advanced Laser Equipment

- Halogen lighting simulating sunlight identifying scratches and swirls to be treated

- Advanced polishing and waxing with nanotechnology

- Surface scratches and swirls remover

- High-performance polish

- Paint Glossy Finish

- Carnauba based wax with Japanese Technology

- Exterior Detailing with swab and microfiber cloth